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Dealing with an Ant Invasion

Dealing with an Ant Invasion

Ants are lecherous creatures that can quickly and efficiently enter any residence where a weakness has been found. Once inside, they will excrete chemicals so that other members of the colony can find their way into the building. Ants can enter structures through doors, windows, cracked pieces of drywall, pipes, drains and small holes in basements and attics. Most invasive ants are looking for food and water. Once found, hundreds of ants will make their way into the kitchen or living room. Without professional assistance, they can be exceedingly hard to eradicate.

The damage and health risks associated with various ant species can vary. Some ant species build nests in baseboards and walls. These critters must be eliminated before they can cause damage to the fixtures of the home. If residents are dealing with ants that do not nest indoors, the insects can nevertheless invade kitchens and pantries and ruin huge amounts of food. To prevent fruits, vegetables and dried foods from becoming tainted, an exterminator should be called in as soon as possible.

Do-it-yourself treatments are rarely successful. Because different treatment techniques are required for different ant species, only knowledgeable professionals should be brought to bear on the situation. Subtle differences in the chemicals used in baits can either make or break the extermination process. Exterminators will also be able to provide some pointers on how the residence can be kept utterly free of ants going forward.

Whether homeowners are plagued by carpenter ants, pavement ants, fire ants, moisture ants or thief ants, they should always defer to the experts. With a carefully calibrated treatment plan, the infestation can at last be brought to a halt without any outstanding problems.

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