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Does DIY Pest Control Work

There are probably just as many home remedies, life hacks and Do-It-Yourself bits of wisdom to rid your home of pests as there are species of pests. Much like infomercials, some of the ideas can be too good to be true. Some suggestions can seem unrelated to the problem, while others will seem so simple that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it. It’s all a matter of answering the question on everybody’s mind: Does it really work?

Does It Really Work?

Short Answer: It depends. Certain home remedies do work but must be followed to the letter, with any deviation resulting in a dud. Some remedies are partial truths. Other remedies are just wishful thinking.

One example is the idea that pouring boiling water on an ant hill will destroy the colony. While the boiling water will certainly kill any ants it comes into direct contact with, the temperature will be greatly cooled down by the dirt before it gets deep enough to reach the majority of the colony. If anything, this may have provided water that they may have been lacking.

Another theory is that you can use orange peels to repel cockroaches. While green Osage orange peels contain a chemical compound that keeps them away from open areas (such as countertops), it is only that specific orange, and it cannot be used to rid an infestation.

Meanwhile, the common DIY recommendation of caulking/sealing/plugging any gaps that expose your home to the elements does actually help keep pests out of the home.

Consider the Source

As with all media, when researching DIY techniques for pest control, be sure to factor in the source of the information you obtain. Websites that promote humane traps will be quick to point out the negatives of poisons, while pesticide websites will sing the woes of how inefficient live traps can be. Some all-natural websites can contain legitimate information that can be used in home-solution pest control, while others are just blogs written by someone who may claim that lemon water and happy thoughts will keep out pests.

Naturally, pest control website blogs are a terrific resource for information regarding what can be done at home versus when you should call the professionals.

To Be Sure

If you decide that it is not worth the hassle to find out whether or not your situation is simple enough to handle on your own, contact Venice Pest Control to schedule a consultation, and peace of mind, today.

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