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General Tips to Prevent Pests from Crashing Your July 4th BBQ

When you picture the perfect July 4 barbecue, it will probably include many of your closest friends and family and, of course, fantastic food. Perhaps a sports event will be on a television there. Patriotic pride will likely be on display. However, in none of those images will there be insects or other pests settling down for their own serving, and we are here to help ensure that this will not be the case for you.


One thing that will help protect you and your guests is an insect repellent with DEET. Of course, make sure that it is applied far from any food sources. Note that this should be one of the few things you apply to your body as insects tend to be attracted to fragrances from perfume and shampoo. For the most part, candles should be avoided too if you are planning to have a barbecue at dusk or in the evening. Exceptions include citronella, mint and cinnamon candles.

Make sure to keep standing water to a minimum. This includes cups that have liquid inside for needlessly long periods of time. Consider providing guests with bottles that have lids that can be placed back on between drinks. Note that insects such as wasps can hide in unlidded bottles and opened cans. At all times, but especially before guests arrive for a barbecue that you're hosting, make sure to get rid of standing bodies of water that already exist in things like buckets, birdbaths, toys and bowls. These can serve as breeding grounds for various insects.

And keep how long food is left out to a minimum so that little incentive remains for pests to crash your party. Make sure that invited guests finish the delicious food on their plates and that the main dishes are regularly kept covered up and moved once everybody has finished eating.

Other things you can do include mowing the grass, trimming the hedges and taking care of any weeds or overgrown shrubbery. Consider bringing fans out as insects such as mosquitoes can have trouble navigating through the air when they have to battle a fan's artificial breeze.

Common Pests

Insects that tend to be attracted to the food offerings that are provided at most July 4 barbecues include ants, wasps and flies while mosquitoes simply have timing on their side as they tend to be out and about at dusk more often than other times of the day, and that's when most people barbecue. Take into account that pests such as these can transmit diseases and provide painful and sometimes dangerous stings and bites.

Also, consider contacting Venice Pest Control so that we can help ensure that there are as few insects attracted by the incredible smell of your cooking and that people instead are the preferred guests at your outing. We can also take care of any other pest control needs that you may have.

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