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Mosquitoes After Hurricanes: Essential Information

Hurricanes can invite a mosquito infestation to the area, and this can happen in a relatively short amount of time after the storm. It is important to be aware of the dangers associated with mosquito infestations at any time, but this becomes even more critical following a major storm. These pests will not usually become a problem until the winds die down because they will not be able to lay eggs while there are strong winds blowing through the area. 

Understanding Mosquito Infestations

mosquito plAccording to the Center for Disease Control, or CDC, mosquitoes will often lay their eggs within the wet ground that is extremely moist from flooding. Hurricanes provide these insects with many opportunities to lay eggs in places that are difficult to detect. This means that most people will be unable to either prevent or get rid of a mosquito infestation due to a hurricane. Mosquito bites are also closely associated with the spread of various diseases. The dangers of receiving a mosquito bite increase dramatically right after a hurricane, and many of these pests are capable of carrying and transmitting diseases. Examples include the Zika virus and the strain known as chikungunya, or dengue. 

Still water always creates the conditions for a mosquito infestation, and there will be many pools of stagnant water right after a hurricane. These pests can breed rapidly in such places. Always empty containers that were left outdoors during the hurricane event. This includes even the smallest items, which will attract mosquitoes just as much as a larger pool of stagnant water. Flower pots, buckets and other common items can become a nest for mosquitoes. This is the most important preventative measure you can take right after a hurricane. It is also important to wear long sleeves and pants when clearing your yard of such containers. Mosquitoes can be difficult to see, so you should always assume that there is a danger of being bitten by one of these pests. 

Venice Pest Control

Anyone who becomes concerned about a potential mosquito infestation following a hurricane should always check with the local, state and federal health agencies. They monitor the situation on the ground and report information back to the public. Stay informed about the situation at all times, and exercise precautions whenever you spend time outdoors after a hurricane. Professional pest control service providers can answer specific questions about the dangers of mosquito infestations in your area. Staying informed is critical because of the capacity of these pests to infect their victims with a virus. Venice Pest Control can help you protect yourself from these pests with the latest information and pest-control technology available. Contact us for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

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