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Spots In Your Home Pests Love To Hide

Seeing pests like mice or roaches out in the open inside your home is upsetting for many reasons. The problem that most homeowners experience when dealing with pest problems is finding where the pests are hiding during their inactive hours of the day. After all, you can’t get rid of them completely until you clear out their nest, burrow or other cozy hiding place. The good news? There are places in your home that make ideal habitats for pests.

All you need to do is check these places out, and get rid of the pests permanently if you find them there. If these areas are clear, then make sure pests can’t establish a foothold there and prep the area accordingly. Here’s a list of the spots in your home pests love to hide. Check them out and see if you can stop an infestation before it starts.

Back of Cupboards

These make great nesting areas for insects and mice. They offer concealment, sometimes moisture, and they stay relatively warm. Your kitchen cabinets are an ideal location because there is often food, water and shelter. If you’re seeing bugs or vermin out in the open, check here first for nests.

The Pantry

Like the kitchen cupboards, there is easy access to both shelter and food. If you are seeing pests out in the open in the rest of the house, check back behind boxes and containers in your pantry. More than likely your unwelcome guests have set up housekeeping there.

Electrical Outlets, Major Appliances and Electronic Devices

As the weather turns cold, pests look indoors for sources of heat. Electrical outlets, machinery and major appliances like your dryer or refrigerator are all great places for pests to curl up and get warm as the temperature drops outside. Don’t skip checking these trouble spots out, as they are usually occupied by pests during the colder months of the year.

The Attic

Another place a bug or moue can stay warm and toasty in the winter is your attic. Heat rises, and your insulated roof traps a pocket of warm air up there while you run your heat. Climb up there and evict your tiny squatters before they get dug in.

Are you local to Sarasota, FL? Been seeing too many bugs or other pests in your house? Contact Venice Pest Control today. We’ll find where they’re hiding, remove them as humanely as possible and leave your home pest free. Best of all, we also offer preventative services to make sure your pest problem doesn’t come back, too. Visit our website or call today for more information.

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