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Tips for Keeping Your Yard in Tip Top Shape for Your Summer BBQs

In addition to burgers and bonfires, the beauty of your backyard is the star attraction of any summer barbeque. An overgrown yard filled with pests and weeds will fail to impress your guests and leave you feeling embarrassed. With a little work and careful planning, however, you can keep your yard in top shape for summer gatherings.

Reseed Your Lawn

If any bare patches have developed in your lawn, the time to fix them is in the winter and spring. Reseeding your lawn with fresh grass seed will help your bare patches to grow in with new grass before it's time for barbeque season. Apply fertilizer and herbicides, if necessary, to help your new growth come in strong and weed-free.

Prune Back Plants for Shape and Growth

Over the growing season, some of your plants may have grown out of control or had several branches die. Each spring, take the time to prune back the branches on your shrubs and trees to control their growth and remove dead material. Pruning back faithfully puts your plants in the best position to be spectacular for your summer gatherings.

Stay on Top of Lawn Care

If you keep your lawn trimmed and weeded regularly, it won't take more than a couple of hours at a time to stay on top of it. Neglecting your regular maintenance, however, lets your lawn grow out of control and gives weeds permission to put down roots in your yard. Overgrown lawns may exhaust the soil early and become unwieldy to walk through, and established weeds are much more difficult to remove. Keeping up with your regular yardwork will prevent regular chores from turning into major projects.

Remove Gathering Areas for Pests

Although every yard should include gathering areas for your friends and family, you don't want to let pests gather in your yard as well. Few things spoil a summer barbecue like a swarm of angry wasps or a column of hungry ants. Eliminate spots where rainfall can gather, such as buckets or bowls, and trim back your bushes to reduce the shelter and forage options available to pests. Certain plants, such as lavender or peppermint, produce odors that many pests find unpalatable. When you find evidence of pest gatherings, take prompt action to eliminate their nests before they can establish a foothold.

Before you invite your friends over for the first summer barbeque, make sure that your lawn is in its best shape possible. If your yard needs a little extra help before it's ready to take center stage, contact Venice Pest Control. With 40 years of experience, our technicians can help you trim up your lawn or eliminate a persistent pest problem.

We proudly serve North Port, Florida, along with many other towns. Be sure to check out our service area to see if we can make it out to your location!

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