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Top Florida Pests to Destroy Your Summer Lawn

If you live in Florida, then you know that there are a few pests that are known to destroy lawns if they are not dealt with as soon as possible. A common pest in Florida that builds hills and tunnels through lawns is the ant. There are different types of ants that can make their homes in lawns. When they create tunnels, they weaken the soil in the yard, which can then cause holes to develop. One type of ant that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible and that can be exterminated by Venice Pest Control is the fire ant. They can bite and leave red marks and painful stings on the body if you come in contact with them.

Another common pest is the armyworm. They are usually seen in the fall months, but they can invade your lawn in the summer as well. They feed on grass and other types of vegetation, killing the lawn in no time. It's important to kill the larvae of the worms before they have a chance to develop into adults.

You've probably seen chiggers in your yard in the summer. These are small black bugs that can sometimes get on your clothes and skin if you spend a lot of time in the yard. It's often hard to see chiggers in your yard, but you will be able to see the marks they leave behind after being outside.

One of the major pests that can cause significant damage to your lawn is the cutworm. They like to feed on the soil and the grass at night. They can also damage seedlings, preventing new grass from growing.

Grubs work in a similar way as cutworms. They burrow underneath the ground and eat grass and roots. They make tunnels that are sometimes so large that you can see the outline of them on the lawn. The pests will begin eating the grass before the summer months and usually keep it from growing at all in the summer, which is how you know that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

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