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Weeding Out Your Pest Problem in Your Lawn and Garden

With colder temperatures arriving, the last thing on your mind is winter lawn care. Unfortunately, pests can be invading your lawn and your garden even during the colder months. How can you keep your lawn and garden pest free all year round? Keep reading to find out.


The best way to prepare your yard and garden for winter is to clear all debris before the first real frost of the year arrives. Rake up all leaves to prevent the piles to prevent them from killing your grass. Cut your grass to two inches or lower. If your grass is overgrown, it can become an attraction for pests. Make sure that all shrubbery, branches and trees are pruned and kept away from the house. As pests are attracted to any overgrown areas where they can find food, shelter and warmth, they may try to find these things in your garden and may even find ways into your home as well.


This time of year is when pests will really begin to wreak havoc on your lawn and garden. Once the winter frost has gone and warmer weather returns, you will be able to have a better sense of the damage that pests can do. If you discover brown spots, dead or dying grass, blades of grass that appear wilted or bitten, holes in the ground or missing roots, then you very likely have a pest issue. Common pests that can be found in your yard are grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworms, armyworms and cutworms. The best way to prevent these types of pests are investing in an insecticide and applying it weekly, or have a professional pest control company apply it for you. You will also want to continue the upkeep of your yard- keeping the grass, trees and bushes trimmed, as well as fertilizing, weeding and pruning your garden.


Summer is another season in which pests are very active, both in your lawn and underneath it. Aside from continuing regular upkeep, be sure to keep your lawn and garden well aerated, fertilized and watered. You will want to make sure that you are watering correctly, otherwise it will become a swamp land that damages your lawn and can kill your plants. Stagnant water will also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.


Although this is the time of year when living things begin to decay and hibernate, pests are still active. Continue cutting your grass to about two inches to ensure that it is kept healthy. Rake all leaves and consider composting them. Apply more fertilizer to replenish after the heat of the summer. Prune back plants close to the ground. The better you are prepared for winter, the healthier your lawn and garden will be once spring arrives in the next year.

Keeping a healthy and tidy yard all year will help prevent future pest infestations. If you encounter a pest issue at any time of the year, contact Venice Pest Control today!

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