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Why Customers Love Venice

Venice pest control is committed to providing our customers with the quality services they deserve and expect. Our team of experts are experienced and qualified to conduct a variety of examinations and procedures that will eliminate pest infestations from your property. We also offer a suite of peripheral services that can assist individuals who are dealing with outdoor infestations of pests, insects and other critters. Our customers have a lot to say about our services because we work closely with them to ensure complete satisfaction with the outcome.

About Venice Pest Control

Our company started operating in 1974 as a family business. The current owners of the company are all second and third generation members of the Lacher family, who began the company with a vision of bringing quality service to all of our customers. Our ability to receive customer input and feedback drives our self-improvement methods. We always seek to provide more timely and accurate service to our clients through a continuous feedback loop. This allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of our improvements over long periods of time. Regardless of the type of pest infestation you are dealing with, our team has the skills and experience necessary to get the job done right.

We approach our customers with the same level of dedication and care that we would provide to our own family members. This includes a careful inspection and analysis of each pest problem. We hire only the most experienced and skilled pest professionals to analyze your situation and come up with an appropriate solution. This is an excellent way to get important feedback on how we can improve our service delivery to customers. We offer a complete program of services that have customers excited about learning how our processes work.

Complete Customer Service

We design solutions for our customers that are appropriate to meet their actual needs. This includes providing a complete examination of the property to determine the source of the pest infestation. Once we have this information, we relay it to the customer in a prompt and helpful manner. Our service professionals always receive good feedback from customers at this stage because of the quality of care provided. We are always looking for ways to improve this process, and we encourage our customers to offer their advice on how we can better execute our programs for pest control.

In addition to a full suite of services, our customers are also impressed with our ability to deliver the actual services with skill and precision. This includes the application of chemicals and various types of treatment packages. We can assist customers who are unsure of the best treatment plan for their specific pest problem by patiently explaining the benefits and drawbacks of each solution. This level of customer engagement makes us very popular with our base, and we often receive referrals from our clients based on their positive experiences with our company. For additional information, or to set up an initial consultation, contact our Venice Pest Control offices today.

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