3 Reasons You Have Drain Flies

Kitchen sink with drain flies

Are drain flies becoming a burden in your own home? There are a few things you could be doing that are causing them to appear in your house. 

What Are Drain Flies?

They’re winged gnats that appear dark and moth-like and are often referred to as moth, sewer or filter flies. These drain flies are covered in many hairs and leave a white, powdery mark once crushed. You’ll see that they thrive in a decomposing matter like sewage. Although they pose no immediate harm to inhabitants, they carry bacteria and even other microorganisms with negative health effects on people. They’re bound to transfer all of that bacteria from location to location. It’s crucial that they’re dealt with right away, for they are fast-breeding and will do just that. 

3 Reasons You Have Drain Flies

Standing Water

Water is the number one thing drain flies are attracted to. In fact, they breed in water like mosquitoes and gnats. They especially breed in dirty, shallow water. You can sometimes find them underneath the air conditioning units, showers, and sinks. They’re more likely to appear after you’ve been away from your home for some time. Since there’s been time for water to remain standing, they’re attracted to it even more. Although, the drain flies may slowly begin to disappear once you resume your normal activities and the water starts moving again. If you’re dealing with many drain flies, however, this might not be the case. 

Dirty Moist Area Inside Your Home

Drain flies also love the slimy film that forms inside sewers and drains. It’s also another spot they love to breed at, and it protects their eggs from being destroyed by any chemical treatment. They’re attracted to moist decaying organic matter like food waste, and will even feed on flower nectar. These flies will infest any place whether it’s a home or commercial property, they’ll even infest sewage treatment plants. It’s vital that you maintain mechanical cleaning. This is because it prepares the terrain for chemical cleaning. It also deprives the larvae of food by removing organic matter. They’ll no longer have a breeding place inside your home.

Open Access Through Your Home

Leaving your windows and doors open is an obvious invitation for drain flies to wander on in. They can also get in through cracks or small holes in the walls. To help prevent them, keep your doors and windows closed. Patch any cracks or holes up as well.

Get Rid of Drain Flies Once and Forall 

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