What Foods Attract Ants?

Little black ants

Ants are attracted to a variety of foods, and they may appear any time during the year for this reason. However, you can initiate an effective ant-control program by sealing the foods that are most desirable to ants in sealed containers. In order to do this effectively, you need to know what kind of foods these ants will find most attractive. This information can help you to make decisions that will deter ants from entering your property.

Properties of Foods

Every food has certain dominant characteristics, and ants may find these attractive. Understanding the properties of the foods that attract ants can help you to identify these foods and store them safely. Although certain foods will compel ants to invade your home or office rapidly, they will also be willing to eat a wide variety as well. This is why it is important to protect your location by sealing the foods in airtight containers before the ants have a chance to smell the scents that waft through the air. This faint smell is often undetectable to the human nose.

In general, ants will send a scout to investigate the following types of odors:

  1. Sweet foods are known to attract ants at higher rates than other foods. This includes syrup, soft drinks, fruits and various other sugar products. To avoid an ant infestation, always seal these sweet foods in containers that do not allow the sweet smell to leak out into the air.
  2. Certain types of ants are more attracted to the smell of meat and grease. These ants may also feed on the corpses of other ants. In general, these ants will investigate any aromas that indicate the presence of a meat or protein.
  3. Additional types of foods that attract ants may include vegetables, breads, cheese and even pet food. There are many different types of ants as well, and some of them will ignore certain foods while being extremely attracted to others. Always store your food products in sealed containers, and clean up any water that might leak onto the counters or floors. Ants will also invade buildings in search of a steady water supply, which can also lead them to your food.

Venice Pest Control

Our professional pest control team can help you understand the behaviors and preferences of different ants. We work with our customers closely, and this includes providing educational materials that help you to make an informed decision about your specific situation. Ants can invade homes and residential properties any time of the year searching for food and water. Eliminate the odors that attract them into your property as a preventative measure, and contact Venice Pest Control if you need more information or assistance.

We proudly serve Venice as well as a number of other locations, so be sure to check out our service area to see if we can make it out to where you are located.

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