Bees vs. Wasps

Wasp on tree branch

Although bees and wasps share an annoying trait, the ability to sting people, there are some significant differences between these insects. 

The most noticeable one is that wasps are significantly more aggressive and have a greater tendency to attack in significant numbers, while bees tend to be more docile and usually do not attack unless they are threatened. Wasps can also sting multiple times as their stinger remains intact after it is used. Conversely, bees lose their stingers and die soon after they attack as they are ripped out after use, and their digestive systems are attached to them. 

The types of nests that these insects build are different as well. Some wasps build them in hidden places, such as holes in and under houses, while others construct them in more open places like trees in the front and back yards and elsewhere. Hives built by bees are usually tucked inside holes in trees and buildings. If either of these types of nests is found, homeowners should contact a pest control professional to safely remove them as both sets of insects can attack in groups if provoked. 

However, many people are stung with a bee or wasp before they get a chance to contact somebody to remove the nest. Those who suffer through this unpleasant event are encouraged to contact a doctor, especially if they are allergic to these types of stings or are unsure if they are or not. These individuals are more likely to experience nausea, dizziness, difficulty breathing or hives. A small number of people die every year due to the effects of bee or wasp stings.

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