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Do You Have White Grubs?

Few homeowners really know the danger that white grubs create for their yard. Unfortunately, these pests lurk underground and can be hard to spot. Utilize the following signs and symptoms to know when they've arrived:

  • Persistent brown patches - Although your lawn isn't likely to mature all at the same time, persistent brown patches almost always indicate white grubs. These spots are where they are focused and centered, giving you a nice little "heads-up" on where to find them.
  • Sudden appearance of dead spots - During the middle of summer, you might suddenly see dead spots appearing throughout your lawn. This usually indicates a hatching of white grubs, especially if you've noticed an excess of flies in your yard.
  • Invading lawn pests - A sudden increase of skunks, birds, racoons, and moles in your yard is a good sign they have found something yummy to eat. And what do these annoying pests love more than white grubs? Honestly, not a whole lot.
  • Spongy lawn texture - A serious enough invasion of white grubs is likely to seriously impact the density of your lawn and create an annoying spongy texture. Left alone, this can actually cause your lawn to break apart into small blocks of dirt.

All of these symptoms point to serious damage occurring in your lawn. And there's only one thing you can do about it: call a professional pest control agent right away. They will find a solution and help you eliminate the white grubs that are attempting to destroy your yard.

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