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Spider Control: Get a Jump on Trapdoor Arachnids Before They Get One on You

Spider Control: Get a Jump on Trapdoor Arachnids Before They Get One on You

Imaging walking around your home and having something that looks like a tarantula jump out of a hidden hole in the ground and attach itself to your pants leg. Scary thought isn’t it? Well, that is exactly what may happen if North America’s trapdoor spiders decide to share your outdoor living space.  And unfortunately, they’re so good at subterfuge; you may not know that they’re around it is too late. Once they’ve revealed themselves though, you’ll be able to count on trapdoor spider control pros to make them permanently disappear.

Until then, it is important to know that trapdoor spiders love to nest near permanent structures. This is especially true in areas where the soil has recently been disturbed. They tend to gravitate towards those areas of a property because the loose dirt makes the job of excavating their trapdoor-enabled homes less strenuous. Plus, living so close to humans is their way of securing ample food supplies.

No, they don’t eat humans but they do favor pests that live inside of or around occupied homes. The list of creatures on their dinner menus includes but doesn’t end with common house spiders, cockroaches, ants, filth flies, beetles and lizards. And by the way, the spiders don’t seek to surprise humans either. They actually use their trapdoor-enabled homes to get the proverbial jump on their prey, only appearing when they sense ground vibrations.

As such, from the spiders’ viewpoint, our approaching footsteps must seem like clear indications a big meal is on the way. Of course once they get a look at a full-size adult human, they often decide that we’re a bit more than they can handle. However, some will still bite and their pointy fangs can cause humans as well as domestic animals immense pain. Therefore, as it is with other nuisance arachnids, it’s better to call spider control experts in to remove them from a property before they have an opportunity to sink their fangs into unsuspecting family members or pets.

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