The Different Types of Termites Found in Venice, FL

Termites climbing through mud tunes

Everyone loves living in sunny Florida. Unfortunately, “everyone” includes several devastating species of termites. Termites destroy not only structures but the financial security of our residents. Guarding yourself with knowledge of the most common types of termites starts with this article. 

The Three Main Categories of Termites in Venice

Three main categories in our area are:

  • Subterranean termites. These tiny insects measure approximately one-eighth of an inch long. They are hard to detect until the problem is out of control. Subterranean termites draw moisture from the soil, then move in to eat and digest the cellulose found in wood.  An especially problematic variety of the Subterranean is the Formosan termite. This subspecies can support colonies within homes and does not require access to soil for survival.
  • Dampwood termites. Just like the Formosan termites, damp-wood termites do not have to obtain moisture through the soil. They feed on varieties of wood with high moisture content, especially those in a state of decay.

  • Drywood termites. These termites are between three-eighths to one inch in length. Drywood termites are a significant threat to property owners because they can feed on sound or non-decayed wood. Once-sturdy wood is stripped of its strength by these rapidly spreading pests.

The Most Dreaded Termite Species in Venice

While all three categories of termites threaten wooden structures throughout the region, two specific types are especially troublesome in our local area. Be on the lookout for:

  • The Western Subterranean termite. This variety of termites quickly spreads and wreaks havoc. The Western Subterranean species tend to swarm in the daytime on warm autumn, winter, and early spring days. Take action immediately before extensive damage occurs.

  • The Western Drywood termite. These hardy survivors extract moisture found in even the cleanest, newest types of wood. They tolerate dry conditions for prolonged periods. This species will not die out without specialized methods of eradication. By the time they are spotted, they have already caused extensive damage.

The economic devastation caused by termites is greater than fires, floods and storms combined. However, home insurance policies do not cover this tremendous threat. Act now to protect yourself from this inevitable danger.

Do not face the perils of termite infestation alone. Call on the knowledgeable professionals at Venice Pest Control  We have provided the Venice area with expert, caring termite control for over forty years. Contact Venice Pest Control today to partner with you in protecting your home against the most common varieties of termites in our area.

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