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Ways Creepy Spiders Get Your Home

Spiders can be beneficial to your home in some ways by keeping smaller insects away, but they are never pleasant to look at, especially when you don't know how they get inside your home in the first place. If you want to get spiders out of your home and keep them away, it's important to take a walk-through of your home to determine where they are entering as there are a few common places to look at first.

Obvious ways that spiders enter your home are through cracks underneath and around the doors and windows. They could also sneak inside when you have the doors and windows open if there is enough space for them to get through. They can also enter the home by going through holes underneath your sinks and around pipes. Holes in the walls that lead to the outside are also good ways for spiders to get inside.

When you see these areas in the home, you need to seal them so that no pests can get inside the house. Any doors and windows should have a proper seal that is secure. If you can see any kind of daylight around the edges of the doors and windows, then they aren't sealed properly, which means that spiders can get through. If there are any cracks or holes in the foundation of your home, you can use mesh screen to cover them. This will keep out most spiders. Steel wool is an option for areas around your pipes under your sinks.

Another way that spiders get into your home is by hitching a ride on a person or on a pet. After being outside for any length of time, a spider might decide that your clothing, shoes, or bags are an ideal way to get to your house. They can also get inside boxes and bags. If you store items in a shed or a carport, then you need to examine them before taking them into your home because spiders can easily sneak inside them and make their way to your home.

Contact Venice Pest Control to help you control any spiders that you might have around your home, deterring them from entering again.

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