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Why You Need to Destroy White Grubs

Have you ever dug in your lawn in the summer and seen the squirming, disgusting presence of white grubs? Hopefully not: these annoying pests can be highly destructive to your yard. Yes, they make great fishing bait, but that just isn't worth keeping them around.

White grubs, which are the larva of multiple types of insects, root their way into your lawn and feed in order to grow into adulthood. Unfortunately, they like to feed on grass and grass-roots and are especially damaging if they are present in high levels in your lawn.

For example, they can devastate grass-roots and cause the soil around it to become soft and "spongy." The sod in these infested areas can then be peeled away like a banana, a major problem for a person trying to keep their lawn healthy and beautiful.

Grubs also attract a wide range of annoying and destructive lawn pests, such as skunks and moles. While these creatures can be a useful way to control grub population, they bring their own problems: skunks stink and carry rabies, while moles will create devastating holes and tunnels throughout your yard.

What could be worse than that? Just one thing: the attraction of the very adult insects that laid them in the first place. Insects successfully matured from white grubs often lay their brethren in the very soil from which they emerged.

Clearly, you have no choice but to eliminate grubs from your yards. All-natural control methods or DIY sprays are nice, but they aren't likely to completely eliminate the problem. Instead, you need to call a professional as soon as possible.

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