Southern Chinch Bug Control

You take pride in the way your lawn looks, and dealing with an insect infestation that damages your lawn can negate all of the hard work that you did. Chinch bugs occur year round in southern Florida. They are difficult to control and are known for damaging lawns, especially St. Augustine grass. Venice Pest Control employs experienced technicians who know how to control these insects.

Problems With Chinch Bugs in Sarasota & Charlotte Counties

Chinch bugs are only about one-sixth of an inch in length, so it is hard to detect these insects before an infestation occurs. Infestations typically mean that thousands of the bugs are living throughout a lawn. Chinch bugs prefer open, sunny spaces, and homeowners may believe that lawn damage is related to under watering or a nutrient deficiency.

These insects feed on the fluid found inside of grass and inject a toxin into the plant. This substance causes grass to turn yellow, then rusty reddish brown and eventually die. Major infestations can lead to large patches of dead grass.

Homeowners can detect chinch bug infestations by looking for discoloration in a lawn or looking into the thatch.

Venice Pest Control Services

Venice Pest Control focuses on the customer when providing high-quality pest control services. Keeping your lawn pest free is a priority, and trying do-it-yourself methods of getting rid of chinch bugs just leads to frustration and loss of turf grass. Call us today to learn how we plan to use our 40 years of experience to benefit you.