Pest Control in Englewood, FL

Englewood residents love to revel in this beach town’s beauty. Warm weather is enjoyed year-round and its border, laced by the Gulf of Mexico, provides locals and visitors with pristine white sand beaches. What you don’t automatically see in the city’s picturesque surroundings, however, is the large amount of pests that commonly invade Southwest Florida’s residential and commercial properties.

Fortunately, we at Venice Pest Control have provided effective solutions to our Englewood neighbors’ pest problems since 1974. We refuse to let our customers feel like they need to accept pests as part of the package, and offer a wide range of pest control services that eliminate damaging and dangerous insects from your Englewood property.

Venice Pest Control Services:

  • Interior and exterior property inspection.

  • Termite defense.

  • Tick control treatments.

  • Spider infestation extermination.

  • Rodent control.

  • Baiting system installation.

  • Lawn and ornamental pest control.

  • Ant control.

  • Cockroach extermination.

  • WDO inspections.

As proud members of the NPMA and FPMA, we prioritize the safety of your family, employees, and your customers in the residential and commercial properties we treat. Our pest control services use the industry’s most advanced methods that are proven to be the most effective while applying the least amount of toxicity. Our powerful treatments don’t make you choose between having a pest-free home and maintaining a safe environment for its residents. We at Venice Pest Control deliver both!

Tick Control

There are a lot of ticks in the area, and tick protection isn’t reserved only for hiking nature trails. Ticks settle in warm climates with a lot of moisture, attracting them to coastal towns like Englewood. When given the opportunity, ticks will inhabit places in your yard such as:

  • Leaf piles.

  • Full yard waste bags.

  • Birdbaths or pet bowls.

  • Overgrown shrubs.

  • High grass areas.

You shouldn’t have to tread carefully around your property because of ticks. We offer the ultimate tick protection through our tick control service:

  • Treatments administered by our trained technicians.

  • State-of-the-art techniques used to completely eliminate ticks from your property.

  • Monthly lawn application to ensure tick protection all year.

Termite Control

Our goal is to provide you with Englewood’s best termite defense before these pests cause major structural damage to your home or business. 

We offer:

  • WDO (Wood Destroying Insect) inspections to identify if your property is fostering termites or other wood damaging pests.

  • Successful termite treatment with Termidor, a non-repellent termiticide that relies on the transfer effect to wipe out the whole colony.

Because Termidor is undetectable to termites, they willingly come into contact with it without knowing it’s deadly. By ingesting Termidor and unknowingly spreading it to the colony, termites will be completely eliminated in 3 months or less.

Spider Control

If we were talking about harmless house spiders, we’d understand your confidence in a rolled up newspaper as your spider defense. But this is Florida, and the types of spider infestations are on a different level.

Florida’s Most Common Spiders:

  • Wolf spiders.

  • Black widows.

  • Brown widows.

Not only is a spider infestation terrifying, but spiders like the black and brown widow are poisonous and pose a serious problem to the safety of you and your loved ones. Although wolf spiders aren’t poisonous, they are big enough to feed on reptiles and rodents. We will treat your spider infestation by identifying the type of bug you’re dealing with followed by the best solution to eliminate the entire population, inside and outside your home.

Dependable Pest Control in Englewood

Contact Venice Pest Control for your free quote and to set up a thorough inspection with a qualified technician. You don't have to live with disease-carrying insect and rodent pests. Our technicians specialize in eliminating various indoor and outdoor pests and will work hard to give you a pest-free home throughout each and every season.