Englewood, FL Pest Control

Crazy AntsResidents in Englewood enjoy the benefits that come from living in Florida. They can swim, hike and view dolphins at the Stump Pass Beach State Park or venture into town for delicious seafood and drinks. As more people discover Englewood, the city will expand and grow into the surrounding nature. This expansion leads to pest infestations in and around buildings, causing problems for homeowners and businesses. Venice Pest Control can keep your living and working spaces free and clear of annoying pests all year-long.


Ants venture here and there without thinking about invading your home. They only go where they're little legs and sense of smell take them. If you have crumbs or edible ant goodies indoors, chances are that these insects will find them. Some ants only pose a risk to your home's exterior, such as carpenter ants, which burrow into wood railings, floors and siding and cause unsightly holes.

Our experienced team knows how to correctly identify and treat ant species of all types. We'll eliminate indoor and outdoor infestations and apply preventative treatments to keep these pests from coming back.


Ants might seem like a problem, but roaches are much, much worse. These pests transmit diseases to people, such as salmonellosis, and invade homes through any available crack and crevice. They also breed by the hundreds and multiply behind the walls and under the cabinets. Before long, these millennia-old pests have overtaken your home and become difficult to control with conventional means.

We eliminate roaches with tried-and-tested methods, eradicating all stages of the insect. Our technicians inspect every square inch of your home, finding where the roaches are hiding and killing them at the source.


Rodents are like roaches; they're nonstop breeders. It doesn't take long for two rodents to become four, six and so on. Rodents can flatten their bodies to fit under or between gaps and invade homes in search of food, water and shelter. They crawl around on surfaces, clothing and food and leave behind feces and diseases like the hantavirus. If you don't take immediate action and treat these pests with the appropriate methods, they'll overrun and contaminate your entire home.

We combat rodents where they live and breed, eliminating them by using professional-quality traps and treatments. Our pest control professionals also block their entrances to prevent a reinfestation long into the future.

Dependable Pest Control in Englewood

Contact Venice Pest Control for your free quote and to set up a thorough inspection with a qualified technician. You don't have to live with disease-carrying insect and rodent pests. Our technicians specialize in eliminating various indoor and outdoor pests and will work hard to give you a pest-free home throughout each and every season.