Englewood, FL Pest Control

Crazy AntsEnglewood is a beautiful beach town along the Gulf of Mexico that's home to picturesque neighborhoods both on and off the waterfront. The town is part of two counties, Sarasota and Charlotte, and residents patronize businesses in both places. Englewood residents and visitors enjoy spending time outdoors and at the many cultural and artistic events held there throughout the year. However, the area's hot, rainy summers and warm, dry winters create some unique pest problems for people in Englewood.

Residential Pest Control

Ants and roaches are among the most common and persistent pests in Englewood homes. And, if you live in Englewood, you're probably familiar with unwelcome houseguests like silverfish, earwigs, millipedes and spiders. No matter what type of unwanted critter has invaded your space, our trained professionals know how to safely and effectively remove them. Our innovate methods will restore your home to the sanctuary it should be. We use advanced, low-toxicity solutions to eliminate pests and stop them from coming back to your home and yard.

Commercial Pest Control

It's great to do business in the unique waterfront community of Englewood, but pests can damage your bottom line. We perform pest inspection services, sanitation audits, pest removal programs and more for all types of commercial enterprises. Restaurants, gift shops, hospitality providers and corporate offices are just some of the kinds of businesses we serve with expert pest removal. Our proactive approach is designed to keep your operation pest-free.

Our residential and commercial pest control services include:

Are you experiencing issues with pests in your home, yard or business? Venice Pest Control has been solving pest problems in the Englewood area since 1974. Please contact us today for a free quote for service.