Laurel, FL Pest Control

Florida is home to countless species of wildlife, but of the many animals that roam throughout these swampy lands, pests are the most problematic for homeowners. At Venice Pest Control, we specialize in both eliminating and preventing pest infestations of all types. Here are three of the most common pests we receive calls for in Laurel, Florida.


Of the many ant species, carpenter ants cause the most damage and distress to homeowners. Even if you only spot a few of these ants marching in your home, it's important to contact pest control before a small group turns into an army.

Top Signs of Ant Infestation in Laurel, Florida

  • Piles of wood shavings found underneath the wooden items around your home
  • Faint rustling sounds coming from behind the walls or inside the woodwork
  • Large winged ants start to emerge from walls, ceilings, and other hidden spaces


Fleas are one of the hardest pests to eliminate once they've established a presence in your home. That's because just one female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day for as long as three months. Whether it's biting you or feeding on your pets, they'll cause a great deal of discomfort and distress until you let a professional deal with the problem.

Top Signs of Flea Infestation in Laurel, Florida

  • Pets scratch excessively and show other signs of irritation caused by fleas
  • Presence of flea dirt and eggs - look like coffee grounds or specks of pepper - around your home
  • You feel fleas jump around your ankles and knees when walking on carpet


Although most spiders in Florida are harmless - even the big ones - there are five species that are venomous, including the southern black widow, the northern black widow, the red widow, the brown widow and the brown recluse.

  • Presence of spider webs around your home
  • Wake up with bites mark that could be the result of an overnight spider attack
  • Presence of spiders eggs around your home

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