Pest Control and Lawn Care in Nokomis

Ants and cockroaches are found throughout the world, but some species are more common in Nokomis. Learn more about these species below so that you can identify whether you have an infestation. Also find out how our lawn and ornamental care can help prevent and control other pests.

Ant Species in Nokomis

Argentine AntsArgentine ants have oval segmented bodies that are shiny black or dark brown. Measuring up to 6.35 millimeters, just one colony of these ants can include hundreds of thousands of workers who build shallow nests under boards, plants and stones as well as beside sidewalks. Aside from smelling musty when they're crushed, Argentine ants can contaminate food.

Bigheaded ants have segmented bodies but differ in color and size. Major workers have large, sculptured heads, smooth and shiny bodies, and measure up to 4 millimeters. Minor workers are reddish brown and measure about 2 millimeters. Bigheaded ants make nests under logs and rocks or alongside building foundations. Although they don't cause structural damage to properties, they could spread tapeworms.

Carpenter ants have oval, segmented bodies that are black, red or a combination and measure 6.35 to 19 millimeters. They excavate wet, moldy wood to create smooth nesting tunnels. However, they could eventually attack dry, undamaged wood. This habit can cause a lot of structural damage to buildings over time.

Caribbean crazy ants have long, segmented bodies that are black or dark brown with a gray sheen and measure 2.2 to 3 millimeters. Their name comes from the erratic, jerky movements of the workers when they search for food. Caribbean crazy ants can be a nuisance when they enter buildings but aren't a health hazard.

Ghost ants have spineless thoraces and uneven, round bodies that measure 1.3 to 1.5 millimeters. Their heads and thoraces are dark brown, and their bellies and legs are pale yellow, which makes them hard to see. Ghost ants live in moderate to large colonies that can have thousands of workers and several queens among multiple nests, which they make in dead tree branches or logs, in piles of debris or leaves, or under stones. Along with being a nuisance, they smell like coconut when they're crushed.

White-footed ants also have spineless thoraces and uneven, round bodies that are black or brown and measure 2.5 to 3 millimeters. Their pale-colored feet is where they get their name. One mature colony can have 8,000 to 3 million white-footed ants. They prefer to nest near moist, food sources, which might include tree branches and trunks, loose bark, old termite tunnels or under rocks. Despite sometimes nesting in attics, skylights, wall voids and under roof shingles, they don't cause structural damage but can become a nuisance.

Cockroach Control

American cockroaches are the biggest house-infesting cockroaches, measuring about 2 inches long. Their oval bodies are reddish-brown and have a yellow "8" on their heads. They prefer commercial buildings such as food processing plants, grocery stores and hospitals. However, they can be found in alleys, basements and yards as well.

German cockroaches are the most common species, measuring 12.5 to 16 millimeters. Their oval bodies are light brown or tan and have two dark stripes just behind the head. They prefer commercial and residential bathrooms and kitchens.

Both of these species are a health threat because they are known to spread six parasitic worms, 33 types of bacteria and other human pathogens. They also cause allergic reactions in people and exacerbate asthma attacks.

Lawn and Ornamental Care in Nokomis

Lawn maintenance is important when it comes to controlling insect, pest and disease infestations. We offer fertilization, fungus and insecticide services to keep your ornamentals, palms and trees healthy and beautiful. Our lawn and ornamental care can get rid of chinch bugs, grubs, fire ants, fleas, fungi, mole crickets, ticks and weeds.

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