North Port, FL Pest Control

North Port, Florida – a terrific place to call home and to raise a family. Located to the north of Port Charlotte, this city gives residents quick access to the Gasparilla Sound and the Myakka River State Park. Those who enjoy The Sunshine State and venturing outdoors have plenty of hiking, boating, fishing and other activities to enjoy. As the city grows to accommodate more people, it also makes room for pest insects and rodents. Venice Pest Control has some helpful information about common pests in the area and how we can keep them out of your home.

Fast and Effective Pest Control in North Port


Crazy AntsAnts live in small or large colonies depending on the species, and nearly all of them cause a problem for homeowners in one way or another. Fire ants thrive in the heat and humidity in North Port and pose a risk to people and pets with their vicious bites. Carpenter ants bore unsightly holes into decks and fascia, and tawny ants cause short circuits in air conditioners and appliances.

No matter the species, our professional team knows how to identify and to treat bothersome ants. We'll inspect your home and yard and prevent ants from getting inside or creating ugly mounds outside.


Rodents look for ways to escape the heat of the day. They'll venture inside via gaps around doors and windows, vents, plumbing and roofs. Once they've found a way inside, they look for places to build nests, usually in walls or out-of-the-way areas like the attic or a crawlspace. At night, they come out and contaminate your food and surfaces with feces, leaving behind filth and diseases.

Our trained and certified technicians will treat your rodent infestation with the proper methods to ensure a complete elimination. We'll also block rodent entryways and help to prevent another infestation later in the season.


Termites may already be damaging your home without your knowledge. They look like big-headed ants and build vast colonies within wooden structures. In a short time, a termite colony can consume pounds of wood and compromise your home, deck or other wooden objects. It's not enough to spray the area or to set up baits for combating termites. It takes professional assistance to tackle the problem from the inside out.

Our experienced team knows where to look for termites and how to treat them successfully. We'll inspect your home, eliminate the entire colony and take preventative steps to stop future infestations.

Professional North Port Pest Control

Contact Venice Pest Control in North Port for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment with a certified technician. We treat pests of all types and can give you an insect- and rodent-free home or business after one visit. Let our team inspect your living spaces and eradicate stubborn pests both indoors and out.