Ant and Roach Control Osprey, FL

Has your Osprey, FL home become a haven for unwelcome guests? Ants and cockroaches are among the most common insect home invaders. They are also the most difficult to get rid of. Ants and roaches are very adaptable. They can survive in almost any environment and will resist even your most intensive efforts to evict them. Although these pests are a common problem in South Florida, their resistance to bug control treatments can make them frustrating as well.

Ants Common To Southern Florida

Ant problems can be minor or major. Sometimes the ant population can colonize to such an extent that ants are visible indoors and out. Some types of ants are more invasive than others and therefore more difficult to eliminate. Here are just a few ant species you are likely to find on your Osprey, FL property:

White-footed ants. These little bug-a-boos are a common South Florida residential pest, and they can number in the millions. They prefer the outdoors but will not hesitate to venture inside your home when hungry. These ants like to build nests in attics and behind walls. You might see them in your bathroom or kitchen searching out new sources of food.

Big-headed ants. These pests generally nest in the soil, but like their white-footed cousins, they will not hesitate to invade your space when looking for food. Because big-headed ants build mud tubes, they are often confused with subterranean termites.

Caribbean crazy ants. These ants move fast and, although they typically nest outside, they will not hesitate to explore your home when scouting for a new supply of food.

Roaches Common to South Florida

American roaches (Palmetto bugs, water bugs) are large bugs with a reddish or brownish color. These pests prefer to nest outside, but like ants, they will venture indoors in search of food.

German roaches are the most common type of roach worldwide. They are so adaptable that they can survive on a diet of cloth and paper. However, that won't stop them from invading your living space.

Protect Your Property Inside And Out

When you discover ants or roaches inside your home, they are probably coming from outdoor nests in and around your property. It's important to eliminate these pests from your living space. However, unless you also reduce their numbers outside, they will find their way back into your home. A professional pest control company like Venice Pest Control offers ornamental and lawn care pest control as well as indoor pest control to keep these bugs off your property inside and out.

The pest professionals at Venice Pest Control have been keeping South Florida properties bug-free since 1974. If you have a problem with ants or cockroaches, it's best to let a pest control expert eliminate the problem for you. Do-it-yourself pest control is usually ineffective, but when you hire a professional pest control company, you can rest assured that the problem will eliminated indoors and out.