Placida, FL Pest Control

With its sunny skies and delightful warm weather, Florida is an undeniably pleasant state to call home, and Placida, Florida, is certainly no exception. Located in the southernmost part of the Cape Haze Peninsula, this coastal community features beautiful architecture, dazzling waterfront views and ancient tropical foliage that brings the southern Louisiana bayou to mind. Sadly, pests can be a problem even in a paradise like this. With its favorable climate and ready supply of food, water, shelter and other vital resources, several common pests are all too happy to reside here, and they don't hesitate to invade human homes and businesses.


Tiny, wingless parasites that feast on the blood of birds and mammals, including cats, dogs, and people, fleas are more than a nuisance. These fast-breeding pests can become a major problem very quickly. Their bites often result in itchy rashes, and scratching can damage the skin and pave the way for bacterial infections. While flea bites are generally uncomfortable for most people and pets, the problem can be distressingly severe for those who are allergic to flea saliva. To make matters worse, discomfort isn't the biggest worry; fleas are capable of transmitting numerous diseases. Who should be concerned about a flea infestation? Although households with pets are often assumed to face the greatest risk, the truth is that fleas are happy to sneak into homes and businesses by riding on clothing or the bodies of other invasive pests like mice, rats, and squirrels, so no property is immune.


Parasites that are quite capable of spreading disease as they drink the blood of their unwitting hosts, ticks are a common problem in southwest Florida. American dog ticks are frequently found in the Placida area. These ticks may prefer to prey on rodents and dogs, but they will cheerfully bite people if given the opportunity. While brown dog ticks normally bypass humans in order to target dogs, they can pass diseases to pets and hitchhike into homes and business on the animals. An engorged female brown dog tick will lay thousands of eggs, and if this occurs inside, those eggs can be scattered throughout the home, creating a truly nightmarish situation.


Every year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage. Referred to as silent destroyers because their presence often goes unnoticed until a great deal of damage is done, termites are insects that consume cellulose-based materials. With their use of wood, paper, plastic, and drywall, human structures are a smorgasbord for termites; these destructive insects will quite literally eat you out of house and home by consuming the materials used to construct the structure. Signs of a termite infestation can include visual sightings of winged swarmers, discarded wings on windowsills and thresholds, and damaged wood.

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