Punta Gorda Pest Control and Lawn Care

Homeowners in Venice can experience a wide range of pest problems that can cause property damage while making families feel uncomfortable in their own homes. Pests can be a significant problem both inside a home and outside in the yard. Indoor pests, such as termites and ants, can bore holes into a home's woodwork and act as a significant nuisance. Outdoor pests can destroy man-made structures, such as patios, along with natural vegetation, including grass and trees. Taking care of pest problems, therefore, is important for homeowners seeking to preserve both the value and utility of their residence.

Ants in Venice

Ant 10Ants are a widespread problem in Venice because of the area's warm climate. Unlike in other parts of the country, ants can survive throughout the entire year in Venice because they do not have to worry about cold winters. Homeowners, therefore, often have to contend with sprawling ant colonies that will continue to grow for years if they are not managed effectively. Moreover, ants primarily live underground, so homeowners who witness ants on the surface level may have a much more severe problem inside their home's woodwork. Ant populations should be dealt with as soon as they are found to prevent property damage.

Roaches in Venice

Most homeowners fear cockroaches because the damage that they can cause is widely recognized. Cockroaches feed on wood and reproduce to form large colonies. Furniture, cabinets, and foundations are particularly vulnerable to cockroaches because these items are often built purely from wooden materials. Homeowners who find even a single cockroach should seek immediate professional help. Cockroaches prefer to keep to themselves in their underground colonies, and they rarely spend time at the surface. Observing cockroaches inside or near a home can indicate a worsening cockroach infestation that will only cause more property damage in the months ahead.

Lawn and Ornamental Care Services

Homeowners should be sure to take care of their lawn to preserve their property's value. Homes with well-maintained lawns can have a significantly higher assessment value that can be realized in a future home sale. Furthermore, homeowners can get more enjoyment out of their property when their lawn is well-maintained and free of pests. Fertilization should be done at specific times of the year, and pests, such as chinch bugs and mole crickets, should be dealt with by a professional as soon as possible to prevent a large-scale infestation. Homeowners who properly manage their lawns can look forward to having a property that they can truly call home.

Venice Pest Control

Venice Pest Control has helped homeowners effectively manage pest problems since 1974. We use modern techniques to assess the ultimate cause of a pest problem, then quickly fix the issue before it gets worse. Homeowners can often save thousands of dollars in repair costs by simply taking care of a pest problem as soon as it is discovered. Instead of waiting to fix your pest problems, get in touch with Venice Pest Control today to start moving forward with a free quote.