Sarasota Pest Control

Life in Sarasota may be paradise, but even a paradise can have pests. Yes, this sunny city is home to rats, African bees, fleas, ticks, termites, and many other small critters that love to invade human homes. Once they're inside, these creatures quickly find hiding spaces and settle in for the long haul.

Removing Cockroaches

American Roach 939Cockroaches are also among Sarasota's nasty pests. These long, flat, winged, and nocturnal insects are easy to find across Florida, and they enter houses and other buildings through cracks, vents, and all kinds of tiny openings. Roaches can feast on a variety of objects, including books and strips of wallpaper. Worse yet, people who have asthma and certain allergies can suffer severe attacks whenever they're close to swarms of cockroaches.

Dealing with Ants

Caribbean crazy ants are even creepier. Reddish-brown in hue, they march together in massive numbers. In fact, a line of these ants might be several inches deep. They represent a relatively new threat for Sarasota residents, and in recent years, they've been reproducing at rapid rates. What's more, it's nearly impossible for a non-professional to get rid of Caribbean crazy ants.

Another type of ant that menaces Sarasota is the fire ant. A fire ant thrives in a warm climate, and its red body might be as long as 5 millimeters. Fire ants have a diverse diet; they devour plants, vegetables, seeds, meat, worms, spiders, and other insects. They're fierce too, and if they feel threatened by someone, they'll sting him or her multiple times. When a fire ant stings a person, it shoots venom into his or her body, which in some cases can be deadly. In other instances, this venom induces nausea, pain, acute itching, or other adverse conditions. A victim who experiences any such problems should seek immediate medical help.

Get Help from Venice Pest Control

If you suspect that your home or yard has become infested with pests, there's no need to worry. We here at Venice Pest Control are true experts in our field, and we can remove those bugs or rodents for good. What's more, we use methods that are speedy and completely safe.

We have many efficient tools and techniques at our disposal. For instance, to eradicate ants, we can strategically apply nontoxic granular insecticides, materials that are not available to the general public, such as our AntPro Ant Control System. Further, we can use less toxic baiting techniques in order to eliminate all of the roaches in your home.

To learn more about these and other highly effective measures, please feel free to contact us at any time. On top of that, we'll always be willing to provide you with a free quote.