Scale Bug Control in Sarasota & Charlotte Counties

Information on Scale Bugs

Scale insects are divided into three groups: armored scales, soft scales and mealybugs. Armored and soft scales cause the most damage to landscape plants throughout Florida. This damage is a result from scales sucking the juices from the plant. Scales are present year round and almost every woody plant is susceptible to one or more of a scale species. Scale bug infestations typically require more specialized identification to ensure effective treatment.

Spotting a Scale Bug Infestation

To detect a scale bug infestation, keep an eye out for scaly shells on plant stems and leaves. You can also detect the insects by looking for the damage that they cause. Symptoms of scale bug parasitism include poor growth, leaf yellowing, leaf drop, stem damage and mold. Plant death is possible if not treated.

Scale Bug Control from Venice Pest Control

If you notice any warning signs of a scale bug infestation, Venice Pest Control can help. We have provided effective and affordable pest control services to Southwest Florida residents since 1974. As a local family-owned business, we understand how important it is to protect costly ornamental plants, shrubs and trees. 

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