Thrips Control in Sarasota & Surrounding Areas

Information on Thrips

640px ThripsThrips are flightless insects that typically grow to be between 2.6 and 3.6 millimeters long. Adult thrips range from light brown to black in color, and their larvae are translucent white. Thrips are now found throughout the world, and they are common throughout Southwest Florida. Their wide distribution is a result of their tiny size as well as their tendency to remain hidden. Thrips are currently among the fastest growing invasive pest populations in the world. 

Damage Caused by Thrips

Despite their size, thrips can cause severe damage to the plants on your property. Thrips are known to transmit more than 20 viruses that harm plants, including some of the most destructive plant viruses in the world. Thrips also destroy plants by feeding on them with their rasping-sucking mouthparts. 

Spotting a Thrips Infestation

Thrips themselves are difficult to spot, but the damage that they cause is more visible. Thrips feed on green leaves, leading to red and purple spots along their central veins. Infested leaves will eventually become tough and fall off the plant. 

Thrips Control

If you suspect thrips are damaging your plants, Venice Pest Control is your best resource. We have proudly provided pest control services in Southwest Florida for more than 40 years. Thrips are extremely small and breed rapidly. Our lawn professionals are some of the most experienced in the area, so feel free to contact us for a free evaluation and quote.