Venice Pest Control & Lawn Care

Nestled on the Gulf of Mexico coastline, Venice has it all when it comes to beautiful scenery and enjoyable weather. As idyllic as this town may be, it also is home to dozens of pests that are eager to invade your home. You can keep them out of your home by learning what pests are common to Venice and why our professional extermination services are your best option for preventing infestations.

Common Venice Pests

With its humid and warm weather, Florida is the perfect haven for pests. Insects of all kinds thrive in these conditions. When you own a home in Venice, you may frequently deal with pests like whiteflies, aphids, mole crickets, and numerous other insects. Out of all of these creatures, fire ants and cockroaches tend to present the greatest challenges to homeowners.

Fire ants found throughout Florida are aggressive, invasive, and territorial, making them a threat to homeowners. These insects are not shy about attacking and biting humans, leaving behind painful, itchy welts. Many people are allergic to fire ant venom and require medical attention for their bites.

Fire ants make their homes in people's yards and lawns, creating large ant hills and reproducing quickly. They are difficult to control and eliminate once they invade your property. Extermination products like pellets sold at grocery and hardware stores prove ineffective in stopping fire ant infestations.

Cockroaches also present a challenge to Venice homeowners. These invasive pests make their way into your home through cracks in the foundation as well as cracks around your doors and windows. They also hitch a ride into your house by hiding in cardboard boxes or paper grocery bags. 

Cockroaches reproduce quickly and can overtake your home if you do not take immediate action to exterminate them. While most grocery or hardware products like sprays and powders kill adult roaches, they do little to kill nymphs or cockroach egg sacs. If you do not kill the hatchlings and eggs, you will fail in ridding your home of its cockroach problem.

Why Hire Professional Extermination Services?

While the sight of pests like fire ants, cockroaches, and others may be unnerving, the danger they present to the health and comfort of your home and family should be of more concern to you. As noted, fire ants inflict painful bites that can cause allergic reactions and scars as the welts heal. 

Cockroaches likewise carry diseases on their legs and bodies that can make you and your family sick. As they crawl around your home, they leave behind bacteria that can cause diarrhea, dysentery, and other serious illnesses.

When you rely on your services, however, we can identify the pests in your home and find out where they are coming into your residence. We also have the tools and experience needed to eliminate them and keep them out of your home for good.

Pests of all kinds are found in Venice. You can protect your home from pests by calling Venice Pest Control for a free quote today.