Whitefly Control in Osprey & Surrounding Areas

Weisse FliegeWhiteflies are on the rise in the south of Florida. The four species of major concern are the ficus, rugose spiraling, bondar’s nesting and silverleaf.

Problems With Whiteflies in Florida

Whiteflies feed on citrus trees and plants. They can cause serious damage. A sucking mouth allows the whitefly to extract sap from plants. A fluid that secretes from the whitefly while it is feeding causes a black fungus called sooty mold to grow. Some fruit trees will completely stop producing because of the pest.

Another problem with whitefly infestations is that ants are attracted to the fluid secreted from whiteflies. Homeowners may find that they have an ant problem after whiteflies target their ornamental plants.

The Signs of Whitefly Infestations

The telltale sign that whiteflies are present is leaves may turn yellow or appear mottled, or suddenly drop off. The plant starts to weaken when an infestation is constantly feeding on sap.

Venice Pest Control For Whitefly Control

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