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Termite Queen
Spotting a Termite Queen

Termites are destructive little creatures that have one major fatal weakness: they are entirely dependent on their queen for survival. After all, the queen produces the eggs that give their colony life.

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Little black ants
What Foods Attract Ants?

Ants are attracted to a variety of foods, and they may appear any time during the year for this reason. However, you can initiate an effective ant-control program by sealing the foods that are most desirable to ants in sealed containers.

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Adult flea
Fleas: Not Just a Dog Problem

When most people hear the word "fleas," they almost never think of them as a potential problem for human beings, and if you were to tell somebody that you had fleas, they may question whether or not they heard you correctly.

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Tick on a blade of grass
How to Check for Fleas & Ticks

If you are concerned that your pets might have fleas or ticks, then you might be wondering what steps you can take to confirm your suspicion and to keep your animals safe. The good news is that checking for these tiny parasites is not difficult once you know the proper steps.

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Grubs under pulled up lawn
White Grubs In My Lawn

Have you been noticing persistent brown areas on your lawn? Perhaps you thought they were dry areas in need of water. If watering doesn't make the areas greener, then you could have an infestation of white grubs which are the larvae of beetles.

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