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Take Care of Your Trees for Earth Day

Earth Day is the perfect occasion to give some extra care and attention to the trees throughout your property. If a tree has been planted within the last three years, it requires some extra care to make sure that it grows healthy and strong. The bald cyprus, black mangrove and longleaf pine are some of the most common types of trees that you will find in most yards in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties.

One of the most effective and easiest things you can do to care for a younger tree is to make sure that it receives about 25 gallons of water per week. This is especially crucial during periods of less rainfall. If you do not have a professionally installed irrigation system for your trees and shrubs, you can also try using a large bucket with holes in it. Fill the bucket full of water, and then place it near the base of the tree. This will ensure that the water is properly absorbed by the tree's roots.

Mulch can be a fantastic way to cut down on weed growth around the base of the tree and maintain moist soil. Another advantage of using mulch is that it means you will have to do less weed whacking around the base of the tree, which means it is less likely that someone will inadvertently cut into the tree and damage it. You can also prevent damage to your trees from lawn maintenance by installing a tree guard around the base of the tree.

You should always be on the watch for dead wood that can be removed from the tree. Keeping it free from dead branches and other debris means that it will grow at a healthier pace. If you prune or trim a tree, make sure you are using a sharp blade and a tool that has been cleaned recently to protect the health of the tree.

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