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5 Fall Tips For Tick Prevention

5 Fall Tips For Tick Prevention

Ticks are plentiful during the fall, and they can be one of the biggest health hazards for people who hike, spend time in parks or even do yard work. These are some important tips to follow as the invigorating fall weather arrives and the outdoors beckon.

5 Ways To Prevent Ticks This Fall

1. Whenever possible, walk on trails or paths. When you walk through tall grass or brush, you increase the risk of picking up ticks considerably regardless of preventative measures. Follow this advice even on your own property. Ticks can live on bushes and landscaping plants as well. Discourage kids from playing in piles of leaves.

2. Treat your clothing with permethrin. This substance is essential if you plan to hike or camp. Be sure that the solution has a minimum of 0.5 percent permethrin. Put it on boots, socks, pants, shirts and tents.

3. Wear insect repellent with DEET. Both adults and children should use this spray on skin and clothing. The repellent must contain at least 20 to 30 percent DEET to be effective.

4. Keep your yard clear. Trim off hanging branches and overgrowth from bushes and trees. As the leaves fall, rake them and discard them in bags or green bins. This will minimize a tick population.

5. Check for ticks after outdoor excursions. You could still pick up a tick even with the above precautions. When you are home, check yourself and your children carefully for ticks. Have a family member check your scalp and back if possible.

Danger Signs To Look For

If you find a tick too late on yourself or on your child and it has become embedded, do not try to pull it out. The head could be left under the skin and cause problems. Call your family doctor for instructions on how to proceed, and mention any health concerns. These are some danger signs to look for after a tick bite:

  • Rash near bite site
  • Full-body rash
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Neck stiffness
  • Weakness
  • Joint aches
  • Nausea

Report any other unusual health changes or symptoms if they occur within hours or a few days of being bitten. If any of the serious signs above appear and warrant an emergency room visit, be sure to mention the tick bite to ensure proper testing.

When To Call A Pest Control Professional

When you find more than one tick on yourself after spending time outdoors, you should call a professional to treat your property. If your property has a lot of trees and greenery, you can be proactive and call a professional pest control company to help prevent a tick infestation. If you live in Sarasota County or Charlotte County and need pest control services for ticks or any other problematic fall pests, contact Venice Pest Control today.

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