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5 Signs of Pest Damage to Trees and Shrubs

Pests can eat away your trees or shrubs, which exposes other vegetation in the area to danger. If you live in a region that is warm and humid during certain months of the year, you might also have an infestation of pests at some point. If you know the most common signs of an infestation, you can take precautions to prevent additional damage to your property.

Protect your lawn, garden and home from pests by learning the five most common signs of an infestation:

  1. Holes in the leaves of trees will indicate a pest infestation. Many small insects will feed on the leaves of shrubs or trees to survive. They will burrow into the plant and leave large gaping holes in the leaves. Different pests will create holes of different sizes in the plants.
  2. If you see cocoons perched from the branches of your trees, you might expect to experience a pest infestation after the hatching season begins. Small pests will be hungry, and they will eagerly devour any source of food that is available.
  3. Spiders will spin their webs around any branches or shrub that is available. If a spider leaves a web in your yard, it means that they are hunting smaller insects. This indicates the presence of a serious pest infestation in your yard.
  4. Trails of slime are also strong indicators that pests have infested your yard. Trees and shrubs may show signs of these trails, which can last even after it rains. Slugs and other pests can leave these trails in your yard, and they will also attract other predator insects that may feed on the corpses left behind.
  5. Certain pests will infest the wood of the tree instead of the leaves. An example is a borer insect, which will burrow inside of the tree into the inner area where there is bark. They will also feed on the roots that are near the soil. The bark will begin to die after an infestation, and it may even fall off of the tree in patches. Once the bark is gone, the tree is vulnerable to other pests. This type of infestation is common in fruit trees.

Venice Pest Control

Our service professionals understand how to quickly identify each pest and eliminate them from the premises. Early detection is the key to successful pest control, so you should contact a professional as soon as you notice the signs of pest damage. Check your trees and shrubs regularly for the best results. Whenever there is a sudden change in temperature, you might notice additional signs of pest infestations. This happens when the insects in the area move in search of better weather and a steady source of food. Contact us for additional information.

Check out our service area to see which locations we serve. We proudly serve a number of locations, including Rotonda West, so be sure to give us a call!

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