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4 Tips for Fall Lawn Care

Fall is approaching! It’s the perfect time to start controlling your weeds, fertilizing your lawn and improving the overall health and appearance of your yard. With a bit of dedicated yard work, you can have a rich green lawn for when spring hits. Here are 5 tips for your Fall lawn care

4 Tips for Fall Lawn Care

1. Get Rid of Any Leaves

Yes, with fall comes the colorful and beautiful leaves, but even though they may look nice and fun to play in, they’re no good for your grass. Unfortunately, they tend to block any sunlight that reaches the grass and trap in moisture, which isn’t great for the health of your grass. 

When you see leaves falling from your trees, try to rake or blow them away as often as possible. Neglecting to do so will cause your grass to be wilted or dead by the time spring comes. 

2. Aerate Your Soil

Aerating your soil allows oxygen, water and fertilizer to easily reach the grass’s roots. There are gas-powered, walk-behind lawn aerators for rent, or you could hire a landscaping contractor if you don’t feel like aerating it yourself. 

3. Fertilize

Not only does fertilizer promote growth, but also benefits the grass and plants to protect the roots from freezing temperatures. This way, the grass can come back healthy in the spring. A slow-release fertilizer contains an ideal amount of nutrients that can nourish and protect roots, but all lawns may vary. 

To see how much of each type of nutrient you need, you can have your soil professionally tested. However, if you live near a waterway and apply fertilizer to the grass near the water, it may lead to contaminating the water source through runoff water. 

4. Control Your Weeds

The problem of weeds can still carry on throughout the fall, so it’s best to use this time to take control of them. Weeds tend to try and soak up as many nutrients as possible to help prepare them for the winter. Your weed killer will be much more effective now more than in the hot seasons and also ensures the weeds do not return in the spring. 

Pay close attention to the kind of weed killer you choose to use, for some require you to use it during the early days of fall with temperatures typically above 60 degrees. 

Get Help from a Lawn Care Company

As you follow these maintenance tips for your lawn, it helps to ensure there are no lawn pests that may be harming your grass and other plants. To ensure your lawn is pest-free, contact Venice Pest Control for our pest removal services. Visit our website for more information.

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