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Benefits of Early Spring Lawn Fertilization

Benefits of Early Spring Lawn Fertilization

Your plants and lawn need nutritious food to grow healthy throughout the year, but many homeowners struggle with finding the right time to fertilize. While most experts recommend fertilizing in the fall, opinions are mixed when it comes to the other half of the year. Some say late spring is the best time to prepare your vegetation for the heat of summer. This advice works well in many parts of the country, but Sarasota residents must be mindful of Florida's unique climate. In an area where winters are mild and spring heat comes early, some modifications must be made.

Many plants and grasses awaken in the spring. Once this awakening occurs, the plants enter into a new growth cycle. During this cycle, they extend their roots and begin building up enormous energy reserves for the long, hot summer. In Florida, this summer is hotter and longer than in most places. This is why you benefit by putting your fertilizer down as early in the spring as possible. You want your lawn and plants to have plenty of carbohydrate reserves once the oppressive temperatures of May and June begin to manifest. 

A Specialized Approach

Early spring fertilization has a number of benefits. With the proper energy reserves, your plants and lawn will have the nutrition necessary to fight periods of drought, disease, insects, and many other threats to their survival. That said, every plant and every strain of grass requires a specialized approach. Unless you want to dedicate an inordinate amount of time to becoming a lawn and garden expert, you may be better off leaving your landscape care to the professionals. Experienced lawn and ornamental pest control services can evaluate your needs and develop a systematic approach to fertilization and care. 

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