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Common Florida Lawn Pests: The Chinch Bug

Florida is one of the most beautiful and relaxing states in the country. However, its warm nature means its lawns are constantly under invasion by a wide variety of lawn pests. One of the most common and destructive of these is the chinch bug.

What exactly is a chinch bug? It is a small beetle-like creature with a black upper body and long yellow wings. The wings commonly have black markings on them that resemble crossed swords.

They are particularly common throughout Florida, being a big fan of St. Augustine Grass. This grass is one of the most popular of all turf in Florida, meaning millions of homes are at risk of chinch bug invasion. As a result, Florida pest control agents have declared war on these dangerous insects.

How do chinch bugs damage grass? They attach themselves to a blade, insert their feeding tube, and drain it dry. Grass is filled with juices that help keep it alive. And the average chinch bug won't stop feeding on a blade of grass until it's drained it completely.

Without these juices, glass starts to dry out, turn brown, and die. Most commonly, chinch bugs will attack grass near pavement or in areas that receive a high level of sunlight. These conditions also help encourage quicker grass death by proomting dehydration.

Don't let these dangerous pests destroy your lawn! Call a Florida lawn control agent right away and ask them for help. They will identify your chinch bug infestation and get them out of your yard for good.

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