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Don't Invite Pests to Thanksgiving Dinner!

Don't Invite Pests to Thanksgiving Dinner!

Pests can be as common as pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of feasting and family, and those who are planning to either host or attend a large holiday get-together should be aware that uninvited guests may want to drop by. Rodents and bugs are often attracted to the excess food, people and activity that comes with a Thanksgiving celebration.

Whether you’re traveling across town or across the country to visit family Thanksgiving weekend, you should be aware of the possibility that small insects can travel there or back with you. Even the cleanest of homes can have a pest invasion that goes unnoticed, such as bed bugs in the spare bedroom or fleas on the family pet. Cockroaches and ants can end up sneaking into luggage or hitching a ride on a pair of shoes, and just those few sneaky pests can turn in to a full-scale invasion in short order. 

Once you return home, even if no pests are visible, wash every item you brought along on the trip in hot water as a precaution. It’s a good idea to steam clean suitcases and backpacks, and you should consider calling on a professional pest control company to give your home a once-over. This preventative measure is also beneficial if you’re the Thanksgiving host and are expecting company.

Hosting a holiday feast means that your pantry and kitchen may be more stocked than usual, and the excess food may serve as a beacon for hungry rodents and insects. To avoid attracting pests, be sure to keep all dry goods in sealed containers, and do not stack any perishable goods on the floor or low shelves. Ensuring a pest-free Thanksgiving is simple as long as you plan ahead.

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