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Don't Invite Pests to the Cookout!

Don't Invite Pests to the Cookout!

Summer is meant to be filled with backyard barbecues and dinner in the open air. While you're enjoying the weather, good food and the company of friends, though, you want to be sure to keep out uninvited six-legged guests. Outdoor pests can quickly ruin a get-together by harassing your guests and contaminating your food. Fortunately, there are ways to keep these nuisances away from your gatherings. 

In the summer, ants and mosquitoes are two of the most aggravating pests. Ants are attracted to the food and sweet beverages at picnics and barbecues. Mosquitoes come to feast on the blood of you and your friends. Both pests can leave you with itchy bug bites. Bees and wasps can also be attracted to sweet beverages, like lemonade, and stings can be painful or even deadly to people with allergies. 

The easiest way to protect yourself from these unwanted visitors is to prevent them from approaching. Netting can be hung around your porch, for example, to keep out flying insects, and being careful to keep food in airtight containers can help ward off ants. Prevention can only help so much, though, and you need a second line of defense if the pests get through to you, your guests and your food. 

A number of DIY pest control options are available on the market, but not all of them are safe and effective. Home-made poisons are frequently not strong enough to really eliminate the problem, and the poisons you buy might not be safe to use around food and drink.

It's much safer and more efficient to recruit the help of pest control professionals. They'll be able to assess your outdoor living space, deal with the pests that are present and give you personalized advice for protecting yourself against bugs all summer long.

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