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Don't Invite Pests to Your Thanksgiving Dinner!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Venice Pest Control wants to take the time to thank our customers for a great year. This is a special time of year when friends and family come together to enjoy a good meal and to watch the game on TV. If pests invade your dinner, it can put a damper on the holiday. We're here with a few tips to help keep the pests away for your Thanksgiving Day gathering.

5 Ways to Stop Pests This Thanksgiving

Break out the sealant.

Pests have a sneaky habit of getting inside homes. Sometimes it's a crack in the foundation. Other times it's a gap around a door. No matter how they get inside, it's your job to block their entrances. Use a sealant or a foam barrier to block cracks and crevices and to keep pests out this holiday season.

Stock food in a protected area.

With more food in the house, it's important to stock it in such a way that prevents insect pests from getting inside packaging. Invest in a few plastic containers with lids, and place your boxed and bagged goods inside. Keeping vulnerable items sealed away will stop pest insects and rodents from sniffing out potential food.

Clean and clean some more.

Even clean houses get an occasional pest infestation. Regardless, if you clean up after you cook and eat, you'll reduce the chance of insects and rodents invading your home. Make sure to clean up crumbs and sticky spots as ants and other small pests can easily find them.

Keep trash out of the house.

You'll have fewer houseflies and gnats in your home if you keep the trash outside. As soon as the trash piles up, take it outside, and put it in a bin with a tightly closed lid. Keep the trash bin far away from the house if possible; it'll add distance between the pests and your home.

Bring in the professionals.

Don't think you have pests in your home? Think again. Pests can hide easily in places that you can't see, such as inside the walls or in the holes around plumbing. They come out at night when it's safe to search for food and water. Professional technicians can inspect these areas and use the appropriate treatment options to eliminate unwanted pests.

Thanksgiving Day Pest Control

If you want a pest-free Thanksgiving, contact Venice Pest Control to set up an inspection. Our trained technicians will search for pest entrances, block cracks and crevices and eliminate bothersome insects and rodents, letting you enjoy your meal without the worry of uninvited guests.

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