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Facts You Didn’t Know About Termites

Venice Pest Control is dedicated to helping you protect your family and your property from the pests that pose potential hazards to your health and the structure of your home. One of the leading hazards to your home are termites. These insects are small and easily overlooked, which means that they can do extensive damage to the structural components of your home before you realize there is an infestation.

Termites can naturally enter your home or be introduced to your house through the placement of contaminated mulch placed near the foundation. Once they enter your home, they seek out the wooden support structures of floors and walls. The damage they cause as they chew through the wood can weaken the entire structure, and eventually lead to a collapse of some areas.

Termites also experience a swarm season in the warmer spring and summer months. They may also migrate to your home from any damaged tree or wood around your home, such as flower bed borders.

While termites do tend to leave a telling tunnel formation on the foundation of a house when they are present, this might not always be visible depending on the siding on your home or other factors. It’s a good idea to survey your foundation regularly, but it won’t always show a current termite problem.

The best way to avoid termites is with regular preventative treatments that will prevent them from entering your home.

While every homeowner knows the risks of termites, there are some things that they may not know:

  • Termites don’t sleep. Once they’re in a structure, they have the potential to wreak havoc constantly. Termites are industrious and work constantly.
  • Termites have a valid purpose for existing. They help to clean decomposing plants and wood from natural forest areas in the wild.
  • Most termites are blind. Like bees, they have a queen to each colony, and unlike bees, most colonies have a king as well. Outside of the leader termites, workers are rarely sighted.
  • A queen termite can lay as many as 30,000 eggs in a single day.
  • A termite colony is socially organized. Outside of the queen and king, there are workers and soldiers. The soldiers guard the colony and conduct foraging expeditions.

Obviously, termites are an interesting study, much like ants. However, that doesn’t mean that you want them in your home. If you would like a screening for termites, have an active termite issue or would like to arrange a maintenance program of deterrents to help safeguard your property, contact us. We’ve been proudly serving our communities in Sarasota and Charlotte County since 1974 and would be happy to add you to our service family.

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