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Five Things that Attract Cockroaches

 A year-round nuisance, cockroaches are as off-putting as they are persistent. Sometimes, our everyday habits attract cockroaches into the home, and applying simple changes can save tons of effort. Keeping certain areas in check can greatly reduce your potential for an infestation. Here are five common things that attract cockroaches to your house.

Food in the Kitchen

Leftover food on the counter is an obvious attractant for cockroaches, but even minor food waste can pique their interest. From the counter to the sink, food debris shows up all over. Wipe down food prep surfaces after every use and clean your sink thoroughly when food builds up. Thoroughly sweep the floor as needed, as food particles easily drift under appliances and accumulate quickly.

Food in the Pantry and Garbage

Stored food may seem safe but cockroaches can squeeze their slim frames through the most minor openings. Store food with airtight containers, whether it be for you or your pets. Clean your pet’s bowl every night, elevating it if necessary on wire shelves in a pantry. Seal your garbage or take it out every night if possible.

Paper Supplies

Food packaging is as enticing to cockroaches as the food itself. Storing food in airtight containers also removes cardboard boxes, a potential food source, from the pantry. Scrap paper lying around, collections of books and even peeling wallpaper can also fall victim to their appetite. Throw away old papers and keep the essential items properly organized and stored.

Excess Moisture

Cockroaches don’t need much moisture to thrive so careful attention needs to be taken to reduce water sources. Fix plumbing issues and inspect your crawl space, attic, closets and basement for hidden pockets of moisture buildup. Damp clothes, towels and mats need to be hung up to dry, and standing water in potted plants and bowls need to be refreshed regularly.


The warmth and safety of your home provide the perfect environment for cockroaches to settle down. Focus on how cockroaches come into your home, since making your home uncomfortable for them means it is also uncomfortable for you. Identify and seal any cracks, gaps or holes around your exterior walls with caulk. Pay close attention to plumbing or electrical lines where they run outside. Trim back large bushes or overgrown trees that touch the house, as these provide shelter and a bridge into your home.

Contact a Cockroach Exterminator 

Cockroaches are extremely difficult to eliminate once they establish a home. Proper preventative measures are critical to avoid the financial pain of removing them. If you are dealing with cockroaches getting into your home in Florida, contact Venice Pest Control today. Our knowledgeable team of experts is ready to answer your questions and assist with any cockroach prevention and removal needs.

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