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Gators Not the #1 Killers in Florida Yet? Bee and Wasp Control Could Change That

If you're looking for ways to die at the hands of the animal kingdom, South Florida is happy to oblige you with plenty of options. Gator attacks, bear attacks, spider attacks, scorpion attacks, python attacks, shark attacks, and face-chewing bath-salt zombie attacks are just the tip of the iceberg. The deadliest things in Florida, however, are not mammals or reptiles. They're bees.

According to experts, bees and wasps cause more human deaths each year than any other member of the animal kingdom; and although many Floridians cheered earlier in 2015 when the government officially legalized the killing of bears, they might want to turn their concerns a bit closer to home.

...this [is] the perfect time to point out that in a study done on animal-caused fatalities in the U.S. from 2001-2013, buzzing little bees, wasps and hornets proved to be the deadliest animals, killing on average 58 people per year, according to The Washington Post. The anaphylactic shock after a sting is said to be the cause of death. (Orlando Weekly)

Because bee and wasps kill more people each year than some of the world's "deadliest" mammals and reptiles, perhaps the time has come to start taking them just as seriously.

Owners of homes and businesses should protect their properties against encroachments by bees in order to ensure the safety of all. To that end, they should consult with pest control professionals--men and women trained in the art of control and extermination.

Be sure to contact one today. Of course, with bees and wasps out of the way, that would just leave the top spot open for something else. We're sure the gators wouldn't mind taking up the slack. 

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