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Get Rid of the Pests Intruding on Your Home!

Are pests invading your home or intruding on your family and your health? 

We’ve all been there, and at Venice Pest Control, we’ve been helping people get rid of pests for over 40 years! From that experience, we’ve come up with some easy tips that keep the pests away. 

Now, we’re bringing all of those easy tips together in one place. Here’s our guide on keeping pests out of your home.

So, let’s get to it with the first tip! 

Tip One: Close Off Their Entrances.

If you don’t close off their entrances, they’ll keep coming even when you apply pest control inside. So the first step that you must take is to seal any cracks or crevices. 

You can do this simply by walking around the perimeter of your property and looking for any spots that you can imagine a pest entering. Any time you see a spot like that, apply some sealant there. 

When you have this accomplished, you can move on to the next tip. 

Tip Two: Keep the Kitchen Clean.

To repel pests and prevent more from coming in, you must keep your place clean. You should clean your kitchen regularly, especially your pantry floor. This should keep away crumbs and other food sources that feed pests. It could be a good idea to keep some of your more accessible food in a sealed container, too.

Note: you should clean all surface areas and dispose of garbage properly too. 

Tip Three: Apply Pest Repellent.

Okay, you have all the things that attract pests taken care of. What’s next? 

Applying some simple repellents to your home based on which pests are currently bugging you can go a long way. Be careful that you don’t use harmful chemicals, especially if you have young children or pets. 

When simple repellents don’t work, that can mean there's a much larger problem bubbling under the service. If that’s the case, you need to call in some backup, and Venice Pest Control is here to help. Call us today. 

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