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How to Keep Your Home Rodent-Free in Winter

Rodents are smart creatures. They do not want to spend time outside and exposed to the elements in the winter any more than people do. Their solution is to seek refuge in the warmth of people's houses. If you want to keep your house from becoming a safe haven for rodents this winter, follow these simple steps.

Keep Food Securely Stored

Rodents can easily survive on any food you leave out on the counters or that falls to the floor. To keep rodents out of your house, make sure all of your food products are safely stored away in sealed containers. Be vigilant about wiping crumbs off counters and sweeping them off the floor. Do not forget about your pet’s food. Rodents will happily feast on it as well. So, keep it in a sealed container that is stored off the floor when your pet is not eating.

Seal Entry Points

Rodents can enter your house through the smallest of openings. So, it is crucial that you seal off any possibly entry points. Keep an eye out for any cracks in your siding or foundation and seal them completely, as rats and mice can fit through cracks that are as small as one-quarter of an inch. Check your window screens for tears and seal any cracks you find in your walls. Also, pay particular attention to areas around pipes, and fill any of those cracks with caulk.

Keep Your Firewood off the Ground

If you keep a pile of wood outside your house to use for wintertime fires, beware that those piles of wood are welcome hideouts for mice and rats. If these creatures find safety in a woodpile near your house, it will not be long before they find their way inside. But, simply elevating the woodpile at least 18 inches off the ground will help to deter them from seeking shelter there and eventually making their way into your house.

Install a Brush Strip on your Exterior Doors

Installing a brush strip on your exterior doors is an easy DIY project, and making that effort can go a long way in keeping unwanted pests out of your house. A brush strip will block small gaps at the base of the door that rodents and other pests can enter through. An added bonus of having a brush strip on your doors is that it will help to keep heat inside your house in the winter, so it will help you save money on your heating bill. Be sure to choose a brush strip that has an adhesive strip to make installation easier.

For more information on keeping rodents out of your house in the winter, contact Venice Pest Control today.

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