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How To Prevent Fire Ants From Coming On Your Property?

If you no longer want to live under the threat of a fire ant invasion, it's important that you go on the offensive to give your home an adequate level of protection. These pesky insects are highly brazen, but they can't thrive when their mounds and colonies are being strategically attacked. This is why you'll benefit from utilizing the following tips.

Remember the Basics

Fire ants are omnivorous insects that rely on three things to survive: food, water and shelter. Without a reliable source of food and water, they will likely die within 12 or 24 hours. Therefore, you can make your home less vulnerable to a fire ant invasion by improving your sanitation methods.

Focus on Your Indoor Environment 

Make sure you clean the kitchen area and the pantry. After each meal, properly store away food containers and discard unwanted leftovers as soon as you can. If you come across tears in your window screens or cracks in your home's foundation, take the time to fix them. Don't wait because cracks and tears are easy entry points that will be exploited.

Take Better Care of Your Home's Exterior

It's going to be tough to keep fire ants at bay, but if you get in the habit of tidying up your lawn, these critters will be easier to control. Therefore, you should start trimming any trees with overgrown branches. Fire ants are clever enough to use those branches to climb onto your home. Since these critters are attracted to things with moisture, you should take away some of the mulch that surrounds your home's foundation. The goal is to create a dry zone.

Also, keep in mind that trash lures pests in, so don't leave any debris or junk in your yard. Try to remember to secure the lid on your trash can. Any extra care that you give your home's exterior will bring you one step closer to achieving your goal.

Eliminate All the Mounds

To get rid of a fire ant infestation, you can use baits or an insecticide solution. Early spring is the best time of the year to lay down baits because fire ants tend to become active around late spring. Treat each mound again in the fall to achieve even better results, and make sure the baits are at least several feet away from the mounds. If you're going to use an insecticide solution, the objective is to drench every mound effectively. The solution will devastate the colonies and kill the queen.

Combating fire ants is a challenging job, but the good news is that you're not alone. The professional pest exterminators at Venice Pest Control will gladly treat your home for you.

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