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How to Protect Your Home From Summer Pests

Rainy summer days are on the way, which also means a new swarm of buzzing, biting, crawling creatures are as well. Prepare your home against the tide of flies, ants, spiders and swarming stings with wings. While not strictly a summer pest, these steps will also help to protect against rat infestation. 

Tidy Your Yard

Remove junk and piles of yard waste to take away places for insects and rats to nest. Any space that offers protection from the elements and predators has the potential to hold a rats’ or hornets’ nest. 

Keep your yard looking shipshape by trimming the grass, clipping hedges and generally preventing overgrowth. A well-maintained lawn will stave off ticks and spiders—two pests that like to lurk in tall grasses.

Limit Their Food Supply

Be sure to store all food in tightly closed containers both on the inside and outside of your home. Clean outdoor pet food bowls and feeding areas daily to limit drawing attention from pests like ants, cockroaches and flies. Pet food bags should be sealed properly and stored securely for the same reason.

Clean your garbage and recycling bins. Food residue may linger on the inside long after the garbage and recycling have been removed. The smell could draw armies of pests to your home.

Block All Entry Points to Your House

Start by identifying and filling all of the cracks around your home. This will stop pests—like ants, spiders and termites—from gaining easy access inside. Most western drywood termite kings and queens will have finished their flights by May, but tropical drywood termites will swarm throughout July.

Check all of the vents that lead inside your home and cover them with proper screens, using wire mesh to stop rats and mice from getting in. This includes air-conditioning vents, laundry vents and your chimney. 

Add weatherstripping to your doorways and windows to prevent creatures from simply crawling through the opening. Check screens for any new holes and plug any hole large enough for bugs to crawl through. 

Get Help from a Pest Control Company 

Don’t battle the swarming hordes of pests on your own, Venice Pest Control can help! Contact us and let our skilled technicians put together a comprehensive pest control plan tailored to your situation, leaving you to enjoy the summer in peace.


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