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Keeping Up With The Carpet Beetle

Have you ever walked into a carpeted room and noticed a random patch that appears to be thinning or is almost completely gone? Your first thought may be the typical heavy traffic wear and tear, but one of the most common indoor pests, also known to be one of the most damaging to your home, clothes, and furniture, is a pest that is smaller than the head of a dime. Move over moths, let’s talk carpet beetles.

It isn’t hard to keep carpet beetles at bay, but once they settle, they’re in it for the long haul. Although commonly mistaken for a bed bug, the carpet beetle is on average 3-4 millimeters long and comes in a variety of shapes and colors. These little guys can be found just about anywhere, but most commonly indoors. While their lifespan ranges anywhere from 9 to 36 months, carpet beetles are at their peak and can do the most damage while still in the larva stage. Let’s take a deeper dive into the different carpet beetles and what you need to know!


Varied Carpet Beetles

The varied carpet beetle has a round shape and is yellow and brown, with white scales and black stripes. You will know it’s a varied carpet beetle if it also has small white wings with a red stripe down the middle of each.


Black Carpet Beetles

Black carpet beetles take on a more oblong shape and are dark brown or black in color. Black carpet beetles are the most common of the three carpet beetles, but also the largest in size making it slightly easier to find them.


Furniture Carpet Beetles

Furniture carpet beetles have an oval shape and are black, yellow, or white. These traditionally are the smallest of the three types of carpet beetles, but close in size to the varied carpet beetle.

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