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Lawn Damage from Chinch Bugs

Lawn Damage from Chinch Bugs

The chinch bug is a major pest that invades your lawn and literally sucks the life out of it. As these bugs infest your yard, they spend their time sinking their mouths into each blade of grass so that they can remove the juices. That’s bad enough, but they don’t stop there. They cause further damage by injecting dangerous chemicals into your grass that has the result of clogging the vascular system. You will know that this has happened if you notice yellowish areas around your lawn. 

In the beginning, these yellowed patches are small, but they expand as these chinch bugs make their way around your lawn. Eventually, your entire yard is affected, and it decreases the entire value of your home. If you wanted to sell your house, it would be difficult with a chinch bug infestation because the first thing that people will see is your lawn. When they see unsightly patches of yellowed terrain in your front yard, they will move on to the next house. 

The springtime is when chinch bugs become active. This means that the females are about to begin laying eggs if they haven’t started already. They will spend two or three weeks laying between 15 and 20 eggs each day. After these eggs hatch, the nymphs will immediately get to work destroying your lawn. 

You could use harsh chemicals to eliminate these pests, but this would also endanger your children and your pets. A non-toxic option is the bait and trap, but this can only have limited success. You also have home-made options, but the best choice is to contact a professional exterminator who has access to the most effective extermination methods that will keep you and your family safe. 

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